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A sub-inspector is usually in authority of few police staff i.e. with head constables, the equivalent of corporal, commanding police outposts. SI is the lowest ranked officer who under Indian Police rules and regulations can file a charge sheet in court, and is usually the first investigating officer. Officers subordinate to him cannot file charge sheets, but can only investigate cases on his behalf. He is station head in some of the states.

Basically most of the sub-inspectors are directly employed into the job and have better educational qualifications than lower-ranking police officers. In some police stations there are additional sub-inspectors who are usually officers who have come up through promotions. In this case, the directly recruited sub-inspector in charge is referred to as the principal sub-inspector.

The rank emblem for a sub-inspector is two (five point) stars, and a red and blue striped ribbon at the outer end of the shoulder straps The assistant sub-inspector will have one (five point) star, and a red and blue striped ribbon at the outer end of the shoulder straps. The rank emblem for principal sub-inspector and additional sub-inspector are one and the same.



Due to Series of Examination, We Shifted Date From 4th October to 11th October


si mains coaching in hyderabad

si mains coaching in hyderabad

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