How to Prepare


Preparation Strategy for SSC CGL 2018


Time frame needed:

As we can see from the notification, there shall be 3 months of duration to prepare for tier 1 and after tier 1 has finished there will be three more months of time for tier 2. After tier 2, for tier 3 approximately 2 months of time will be given. This time window of 3 months at each level is an ample time to prepare for when vis – a – vis  any other competitive exams.


Delays in the examinations:

Although there has been a negative remark on SSC regarding the delays in conducting exams, from the last one year tremendous efforts have been taken up to clear up the tainted remarks by releasing regular status updates. As part of the same,  even notification of 2018 CGL was released  exactly on time. On prima facie we could come to a conclusion that there are not going to be any more delays in conducting the examination. But it is always onus of the students to keep their preparation intact by nullifying the rumours regarding the delays in examination.



SSC CGL Tier – 1 has four sections: maths (25 questions),  English(25 questions), reasoning(25 questions) , General awareness (25 questions).

Here we need to talk especially about General awareness section as the other three sections have a clear cut syllabus lined out in the notification. General awareness in SSC , as the name suggests this section is named as General awareness not General knowledge. So one has to have just awareness about all the topics covering the General Awareness section. Student has to do an exhaustive study rather than intensive study.


 Questions cannot be completely out of the blue in General Awareness section. One need not study everything under the sun. At the same time Syllabus is vast. One has to do smart work rather than relying completely only on hard work. We at EZE Academy have expert faculty to guide the students to do that required smart work.


Shift in the pattern of questions asked:

From 2017 onwards SSC has taken a steep curve in the mode of framing questions. If we consider 2017 mains Maths paper , One can clearly see  that questions are completely based on concepts. Student with clear concepts can only answer such questions. Eze Academy is established with that prime motto of delivering concepts In an easier way.


How coaching at EZEAcademy helps a student :

We deliver high quality material in class. We are upgraded technically as well as explaining conceptual questions in classes.

In each class separate time will be allotted for doubts clearance which is very much important in the preparation phase.

We guide the students to run the race in the right direction and with utmost ease by focusing on delivering concepts rather than rote learning.

We went digital in the field of teaching to minimise the waste of time in writing questions on white boards there by saving that time in delivering concepts.


Strategy for tier – 1 & Tier – 2

Time needed: 3Months.

What to study:

A Serious aspirant has to study only a limited set of standard books. Do not get tempted to go through all the books available out there in the market.

One has to revise a single standard book multiple times rather than doing multiple books single time.

Practising a single book multiple times improve the speed of solving questions immensely. All you need to get top-notch score in CGL Tier – 1 is only SPEED.

Student has to get this line etched into their minds.


Maths :

 Kiran Prakash Previous year papers

  EZE Academy class notes

  EZE Academy test series(weekly tests)


  Kiran Prakash Previous year papers

  Kiran Prakash Book on Common errors

  Plinth to Paramount – VOL – I , VOL – II


  EZE Academy class notes

  EZE Academy test series(weekly tests)


  Kiran Prakash Previous year papers

  EZE Academy class notes

  EZE Academy test series(weekly tests)

General Awareness:

  Kiran Prakash Previous year papers

  Lucent General awareness Descriptive book

  EZE Academy class notes

  EZE Academy test series(weekly tests)

 What not to do?

  Do not cram!

  Do not get tempted to try solving all the books available in market.

  Do not lose confidence. Be optimistic and focus on concepts.

  Do not neglect tests.

  Do not do only hard work without smart work.(a mix of both would bear fruits).

  Do not plan a hourly wise daily schedule every day.

  Absenteeism to classes!!

  Comparison and unhealthy competition.


A student has to give as many mocks as possible before he faces the real exam. We at EZE Academy conducts mock test at the end of each chapter as well as Grand test under simulated environment same as that of the real one once the syllabus gets completed.

How to shunned the errors during SSC CGL preparation and in Examination?

First check the syllabus mentioned for CGL and don’t try to follow your own assumptions on upcoming test. Simply to say Blindly follow the syllabus mentioned nothing more than that.

Don’t prepare for general awareness extensively, just go through previous papers and select the questions which you have seen repeatedly and study them from their root level, and also follow daily news, the method which you have comfortable (newspaper or TV )

After completing the syllabus, memorize the part which you feel difficult that’s it, don’t revise chapter wise rather attempt mock tests online or offline as many as you can, by this you will be familiar with the exam pattern.

In mathematics don’t try to mug up formulas, as an alternative try to understand the problem from roots I meant to say in depth

Everyday preparation is needed particular in competitive exams. Once you ignore single day, that day kills entire preparation and makes you lazy.  It’s very difficult to normalize the situation.

Don’t try to master in any subject or chapter. Give equal importance to all subjects.

Don’t waste your time by watching YouTube videos repeatedly. Once you watch video please make sure to note down important points.

Don’t prepare with people who are not serious about the exam and lack of motivation to learn, which subsequently leads to kill enthusiasm.

Before going to join in an institute put an effort to know everything about the institute, don’t choose the institute by crowd and ranks they place in their website or by any means of their advertisement keen observation is must in this regard and find out the actual credentials before joining.

In the time of examination, don’t feel anxious with problems or questions which you have not in touch with, simply ignore it and go with next one, if not you will waste a lot of time eventually you cannot solve the questions which you have known.