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Admissions in progress for Offline SSC-CGL Coaching

 SSC CGL New Batch

  • Start Date: 15th April, 2024
  • Time: 10:00am to 02:00pm

Program Highlights:

  1. Industry Best Faculty (IITians): The program boasts instructors who are reputed for their excellence, with backgrounds from prestigious institutions like IITs.
  2. Regular Tests: There will be frequent assessments on covered topics, ensuring consistent progress tracking and reinforcement of learning.
  3. Grand Tests: At the culmination of the syllabus, there will be comprehensive grand tests, likely to simulate the actual exam conditions, providing students with a final assessment of their preparedness.
  4. Separate Classes for Doubts: Specialized sessions will be conducted to address students’ doubts, ensuring that no query goes unresolved.
  5. Special Care for Non-Maths Students: Recognizing the diversity of students’ backgrounds and strengths, the program promises special attention to non-maths students, likely providing tailored support to enhance their understanding and performance.
  6. State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: The learning environment is equipped with modern facilities, which could include advanced classrooms, technology integration, or other amenities to facilitate effective learning.

This batch seems to be designed to offer a holistic preparation experience, catering to various learning needs and ensuring thorough readiness for the SSC CGL examination.  We at EZE Academy Provides  Best SSC CGL Coaching in Hyderabad. We have three types of Programs based on Student’s ability

Short Term Coaching
Mini Long Term Coaching
SSC CGL Long Term Coaching

SSC CGL Short Term Coaching is exclusively designed for proficient individuals, particularly those with a strong grasp of General Studies, Mathematics, Reasoning, and English Language. The course spans four months, during which our faculty provides tailored guidance to refine their approach towards cracking the SSC CGL examination. We offer essential study materials and regular assessments to bolster their preparation. On the other hand, SSC CGL Mini Long Term Coaching follows a similar structure but extends to eight months.

For SSC CGL Long Term Coaching at EZE ACADEMY, we maintain a single branch to uphold the highest standards of quality. Our objective is to ensure that all faculty members are of the utmost quality, thereby maximizing the learning experience. We exclusively enroll beginners who exhibit enthusiasm for pursuing a career in SSC CGL but lack clarity on their previous studies. Our teaching methodology involves spoon-feeding lectures, starting from the foundational level and addressing every query to facilitate the transition from novice to expert. Achieving significant results requires a comprehensive eighteen-month timeframe.


  • Prospective students joining the SSC CGL long-term program must furnish a clean police verification report from their local police station.
  • Full attendance throughout the duration of the course is mandatory.

How To Prepare SSC CGL

The first and foremost rule, keep away from making wrong answers,  , Don’t mark wrong answers or answers  which you are not sure about. One wrong answer means deduction of one-fourth marks of the actual marks . This could lower your chances to qualify. Second important thing is to practice previous year question papers and mock tests of eze academy; you can buy from official website:

a) Combined Study

The best way to get ready for the examination is to create an environment of competition for that the candidates must undergo group studies.

b) Time Frame

Solving problems is not a hard task but solving problems in time is makes difference if it is possible cracking exam is bit easy. Handle the time for each section according to your strength and weakness.

c) Self-belief:

Confidence is stepping stone to the success, so be positive at the time of exam. Don’t get dejected by questions you face, because some questions will be always there that are not easy to solve.

d) Practice papers:

SSC repeats some of the questions, so practicing previous year paper will help you.

e) Adaptability:

Make your self  flexible  and change swiftly according to the condition.  Every now and then the segment you know well are going to be hard, and the sections you don’t have much command are going to be easy. So don’t get frighten and adapt yourself according to that.

f) Revision:

Many students don’t find time for revision.  They should know the significance of revision. Revision assists them to remember all the stuff they have prepared. Most importantly it is hard to solve questions in the exam without proper revision.

g) Online Test Series

So Students must practice online test (as many as you can ) before they give SSC CGL examination thus you feel very comfortable with technical stuff at the time of exam

Finally Making tiny notes of short tricks, formulas, English rules, and some general awareness will assist you to improve in a less time. get ready with short note according to your strengths and weakness.